Barney Stormin
Barney Stormin
Character Information





Professional Skywriter

Voiced by

- Unknown (Cars)
- None (Air Mater)

Shorts Appearances

Air Mater

Barney Stormin is a character from the film Cars. He also appeared in Air Mater.


"Barney Stormin is a professional skywriter. His job not only requires aerobatic skill and relatively low winds, but most importantly, good spelling because as Barney likes to say, "There is no eraser in the sky.""[1]


  • According to Cars Finder, Barney Stormin is from the Wacool Biplane Co.
  • Barney's name is a pun on the term "barnstorming". Barnstorming is a form of entertainment in which airplanes would perform aerial tricks for an audience.
  • Barney has a Cars Toons counterpart named Props McGee.
  • He (or an aircraft that resembles him) makes a cameo appearance in both Air Mater and Planes.
  • Barney Stormin makes a cameo appearance in Cars 2: The Video Game up in the air in Radiator Springs Races along with his counterpart.



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