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Fuel Truck


Dusty Crophopper, Skipper Riley, Dottie, El Chupacabra, Sparky, Mayday


Ripslinger, Ned and Zed, Ryker (formerly), Leadbottom (formerly), Marketing Manager (formerly)

Voiced by

Brad Garrett

Movie Appearances

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Shorts Appearances

Meet Dusty
Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular

Chug is a supporting protagonist in Planes and Planes: Fire & Rescue.



Fuel truck Chug is a guy’s guy. He works hard as co-owner of Chug and Dottie’s Fill ’n Fly service station—and plays hard indulging in his own fuel from time to time. He has a big personality and is a bold supporter of Dusty’s high-flying endeavors. Indeed, he’s not only Dusty’s buddy, he’s his coach and biggest fan. And if Chug can’t help Dusty reach new heights, he’ll find someone who can.[1]

His fuel tank and nozzle are used to refill planes and, on one occasion, Mayday the fire truck. He is good friends with Dottie and Sparky. He is also a friend and fan of Dusty Crophopper.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

According to an interview with Bobs Gannaway and Ferrell Barron on Planes: Fire & Rescue,[2] Chug is scheduled to appear. However, it is unknown if Brad Garrett will return.


  • He is inspired by Bob Leaders' disused fuel truck that was found in a grove of evergreen trees when the filmmakers traveled to Leaders Clear Lake Airport in Minnesota while touring regional airports in the Midwest for inspiration for their Propwash Junction setting.[3][4]



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