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Gunnar Viking is a Swedish racing plane in the WATG Rally. His racing number is #12.



Originally from Copenhagen, This Skandinavisk started out as an air ambulance-flying medevac operations between hospitals in Helsingor and Stauning. With his sirens on, Gunnar viking would make the 270-kilometer flight in just twenty minutes. This went unnoticed until a Copenhagen sports reporter calculated that this meant that Gunnar was flying 510 miles per hour between two cities-five miles per hour than unlimited class racers. That's when Gunnar viking traded his sirens for racing stripes.

Scandinavian racer Gunnar Viking started out as an air ambulance. When a sports reporter noticed his speedy flying times, he traded his sirens for racing stripes.[1]

In Planes, he appears as one of the racers of the Wings Around the Globe. He got disqualified in the Germany to India leg for flying too high in that race. Although when they called him out to be disqualified thay said "number 20 is disqualify."




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