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Jan Kowalski is a racing competitor in the Wings Around the Globe racing competition.



Jan Kowalski is also known as "The Polish Prankster" by his fellow racers. Everyone tries to keep this tracker on their radar![1]

He is seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie, including in the pit row at John F. Kennedy International Airport. In New York, his tent was between Bulldog (to the right) and Yellow Bird (to the left).

At the start of the New York-Iceland leg, he was in ninth place before getting to fifth place during the race.

During the Germany-India leg, he was in ninth place between Sun Wing and Little King until Dusty Crophopper overtook him.

When Dusty is broken and needs repairs, Kowalski gives him supplies and says that it is honor to fly with him. 


Kowalski is painted dark green, with white and red squares on his wings and the top of his fin. He has the number 15 on his left wing.


Jan Kowalski is a competitor in the Wings Around the Globe competition.


  • Kowalski is modeled after an Extra EA-300.
  • Gordon, a Polish plane who tried to qualify for the Wings Around the Globe, also has the number 15.
  • His name is well known in Poland, being the same name as the first Minister Generalis (Minister General) of the order of the Mariavites. Director Klay Hall probably granted him by using his name for the character (one of the Polish pilots was also called Jan Kowalski).
  • His wings have white and red squares. This the symbol of the Polish Air Force.
  • He appears in the Blu-ray exclusive animation for the song "Ein Crop Duster Can Race".




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