Judge DavisPlanes
Judge Davis
Character Information



North American P-51C Mustang


Official Air Judge


Falcon Hawks, Mater, Lightning McQueen

Voiced by

Jonathan Adams

Movie Appearances


Shorts Appearances

Air Mater

Judge Davis is a character in appears in Air Mater and Planes.


Air Mater

Judge Davis is the main announcer of the air shows in Propwash Junction. He is a huge fan of the Falcon Hawks and Mater Hawk, commenting all of their moves at the air show in Air Mater.


Judge Davis makes a few minor appearances in the film Planes. His first appearance is at the qualifier of the Wings Around the Globe rally, but ultimately doesn't make it in. He also reappears at the start of the WATG rally by saying to the racers, "Start your engines!"


Judge Davis is painted gray, black and red.


  • Judge Davis' design is based upon "Ina: The Macon Belle", a P-51C Mustang flown by Lt Col Lee Archer of the 332nd Fighter Group (Tuskegee Airmen, also called the "Red Tails") during World War II. In a photo in the gallery below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of Judge Davis and "Ina: The Macon Belle".


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