Character Information



Boeing-Stearman Model 75


Crop duster


Dusty Crophopper (formerly), Roper, Dottie, Ryker, Chug, Sparky, Skipper Riley


Ryker (formerly), Marketing Manager (formerly), Marketing Descriptors (formerly), Dusty Crophopper

Voiced by

Cedric the Entertainer

Movie Appearances

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue

Video Game Appearances

Planes: The Video Game (mentioned only)

Leadbottom is a minor character in Planes and Planes: Fire & Rescue.



Leadbottom is a puttering old biplane, and a grumbling taskmaster, a real “tank-half-empty” kind of guy. As the proprietor of Vitaminamulch, a special—albeit putrid—blend of vitamins, minerals, and mulch that works miracles when sprayed on crops, Leadbottom has no time for Dusty’s far-fetched flights of fancy. There are too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. For Leadbottom, it’s work first, then … well, more work.[1]

Planes: The Video Game

Although he does not appear in Planes: The Video Game, he is mentioned by Dusty Crophopper when he has to spray Vitaminamulch onto the crops, as he says to get low to the ground, fly directly over the field, and release the Vitaminamulch.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Leadbottom appears in Planes: Fire and Rescue, once again shown at work in Propwash Junction. When Dusty Crophopper's (near) impossible-to-replace gearbox was malfunctioning, until it could be replaced, he was left with few options, the worst of which was never being able to race again. Leadbottom happily - albeit annoyingly - butted in and offered Dusty his crop-spraying job back, to the annoyance of Dusty, Chug, and Sparky.


Leadbottom is a grumpy old biplane who spends his life working rather than racing. Leadbottom is the founder of Vitaminamulch, a special blend of vitamins, minerals and mulch that works miracles when sprayed on crops.


  • Leadbottom's design is based on a PT-17 Sterman Biplane.
  • Unlike Dusty, Leadbottom's sprayer is built into his lower wings.



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