Planes Fire And Rescue
Planes: Fire & Rescue: The Video Game
Game Information

Disney Interactive Studios


Little Orbit


Wii U
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS

Release date

November 4, 2014



Planes: Fire & Rescue: The Video Game is the video game adaptation of Planes: Fire & Rescue. It was released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, DS and 3DS on November 4, 2014.[1]


Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for sky-high fun as players embark on fire-and-rescue emergencies with all their favorite characters from the movie! Inspired by Disney's adventure-comedy adventure film, the Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue video game continues the storyline as players join the Piston Peak Air Attack team to fight fires and rescue those in need. Kids will embark on an adventure playing as any one of nine playable characters from the big screen including world-famous air racer Dusty and a new crop of characters Blade, Dipper, Dynamite and more! Together, kids will combine heroic action and teamwork as they scoop up water, drop smokejumpers and bulldoze debris in an effort to battle massive wildfires.

Players will soar across rich environments that feature iconic monuments and structures from the film as they participate in two exciting modes of play: Fire & Rescue and Training Academy. Take to the skies with 12 story missions and more than 30 training academy missions as players operate planes, helicopters and ground vehicles as to respond to emergencies. Heroes in training can "earn their wings" as they progress through training and story missions to reach new heights!


Playable characters

Other characters


  • Unlike Planes: The Video Game, this game was released at the same time as the film's home video release instead of around its theatrical release.





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