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The Planes: Fire & Rescue Soundtrack is a soundtrack that was released on July 15, 2014,[1][2] around the same date as the movie, and features 33 songs and scores from the movie. The scores are composed by Mark Mancina.[3]


  1. "Still I Fly" - Spencer Lee
  2. "Runway Romance" - Brad Paisley
  3. "All In" - Brad Paisley
  4. "Planes: Fire & Rescue - Main Title" (score)
  5. "Propwash" (score)
  6. "Out of Production" (score)
  7. "Dusty Crash Lands" (score)
  8. "Fire!" (score)
  9. "An All New Mayday" (score)
  10. "Sad Mayday" (score)
  11. "Pontoons" (score)
  12. "A Special Kind of Plane" (score)
  13. "Training Dusty" (score)
  14. "We Got the Gear Box" (score)
  15. "Cad" (score)
  16. "Blazin' Blade Mystery" (score)
  17. "Mystery of Blaze-Lightning" (score)
  18. "Lightning Storm Fire" (score)
  19. "(It's) Hip to Be Cad" (score)
  20. "Harvey & Winnie" (score)
  21. "Cheers" (score)
  22. "Nobody Has Your Gear Box" (score)
  23. "Fire By the Lodge" (score)
  24. "Behind Enemy Lines" (score)
  25. "Evacuation" (score)
  26. "Blade Is Down" (score)
  27. "Loopin' Lopez" (score)
  28. "Tourist Trapped" (score)
  29. "Fire Heroes" (score)
  30. "Rescue Harvey & Winnie" (score)
  31. "Dusty Saves the Day" (score)
  32. "Saving Dusty" (score)
  33. "You Had Us Worried" (score)


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