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Planes 3
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Planes: Fire & Rescue

Planes 3 is a film that is the second sequel of Planes. It was first thought to be in the works after Carlos Alazraqui mentioned that the series will be a trilogy.[1] It was later said by a Disney staff member to TAG Blog in October 2013 that the film is in the works.[2]



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  • Planes 3 could be based on Air Show or something?

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    • Like the previous two films which they have the story based on such as the first movie which is an air race against other planes and the sec...
    • I actually Have an idea based on the rescue theme just like in fire and rescue but instead it's with ice. If you want I cant tell you about it.
  • Is Planes 3 happening or not?

    • Am I the only one who feels annoyed that there has been no updates or any new on Planes 3 whatsoever. Not only do we not know whats gonna hap...

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