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Holstein Heifer Chewall Diesel Powered




Each other, Dusty Crophopper


Lightning McQueen, Mater

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Video Game Appearances

Planes: The Video Game

The Tractors are characters that have appeared throughout the Cars franchise.



In Planes, some tractors appear on the fields during Dusty's training montage. When Ishani is later talking to Dusty in India, a tractor passes them. During their journey to the Taj Mahal, they fly over a few fields full of tractors.

Planes: The Video Game

The tractors appear in a field next to Propwash Junction's runway in Planes: The Video Game owned by a farmer named Pete. In the Blown out of Proportions level, Dusty has to rescue the tractors and take them back to their field with a magnet after they get scattered during a tornado storm.


A tractor's livery can be various different options. The most common being pink, although some can be a more of white color. Each one has a different pattern of brown spots.


  • Tractors can be tipped when they hear horns honking or engines revving loudly. In Cars 2: The Video Game, they are, however, easily tipped when you hit them. In Disney Infinity, they can be tipped by both ways. In Planes, some get tipped when Dusty flies past them during his training montage.
  • According to Car Finder, each tractor is a Holstein Heifer Chewall Diesel Powered.
  • Tractors are the Cars world equivalent of cattle.
  • In Toy Story 3, a toy version of a tractor drives behind Buzz Lightyear and Sparks in Sunnyside Daycare when they meet and shake hands.
  • One of the tractors in Cars is named Rusty, as Mater calls her at the scene when Lightning McQueen chases Doc Hudson. One of the tractors in Disney Interactive's Planes: The Video Game is called Betsy.
  • In Planes, the tractors are slightly modified. Examples are that they are a little small, the windows are a little big, and the mirrors are very tilted.
  • According to Ishani, tractors are considered sacred in India and that's why they all roam around India.


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