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Tripp is a passenger plane known for transporting cars to other locations.



Tripp is an airplane that carries cars to and from any location in the world.

In Planes, he appears at John F. Kennedy International Airport with Harland. Dusty Crophopper tries to ask them for directions to the pit row of the Wings Around the Globe. Harland tries to help by telling a long description of the navigation, before Tripp stops him and tells Dusty to just go straight ahead and to the right. Dusty then leaves, saying that Tripp has a nice paint job. Harland thought Dusty was talking to him, and thanks Dusty, only that Tripp then corrects him on who Dusty was talking to.


Tripp is painted white, with the American flag on his tailfin. He has the word "American" spelled out on each of his sides.



Dusty Crophopper: "Oh, hey, there. I'm looking for pit row."
Harland: "The pits? Oh, yeah, that's easy. You want to go down this way toward the fire station."
Dusty Crophopper: "Okay."
Harland: "Then taxiway alpha forks off to the left."
Dusty Crophopper: "Uh-huh."
Harland: "But don't go that way. You want to veer right. And if you get to the orange barrels, you went too far. So..."
Tripp: "Just go straight ahead and to the right."
Dusty Crophopper: "Great, thanks. Hey, nice paint job." (leaves)
Harland: "Well, thank you! I'm kind of proud of it."
Tripp: "Uh, I think he was talking to me."
Harland: "Oh."
—Harland trying to help Dusty get to the Wings Around the Globe pit row.


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