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Disney "Planes" - Yellow Bird Turn00:08

Disney "Planes" - Yellow Bird Turn

Yellow Bird is a competitor in the Wings Around the Globe Rally.



Yellow Bird is a racing plane from the United States, taking part in the WATG Rally as racer #1/17.

In Planes, he sets the fastest time in the qualifier round for the Wings Around the Globe and competes in the rally.

He is then seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie, including in the pit row at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

He strangely does not appear with the other racers to give Dusty parts, although he is seen saying that Dusty is back after he was rebuilt.


Yellow Bird is painted yellow, with a black checkered pattern painted on his sides. He has the number 1 painted on his rear tailfin, although he sometimes has the number 17 instead.


  • Yellow Bird is modeled after an Extra EA-300.
  • His racing number is actually different in some parts of the movie. The qualifier leaderboard and Yellow Bird's tent as well as his appearance in the Germany to India leg show his number as 17. In New York and on the leaderboard at the start of the China to Mexico leg, his number is 1.


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